Code Factory

We are a full-stack development service. With over 60 developers in the US and Offshore, we build beautiful code that meets specifications but often can provide additional functions to run your business more efficiently.

What we do ...


HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, AJAX, Javascript, SASS, CMS, Ruby, UI/UX, SEO


We build custom integrations to make your environment seamless, leveraging webhooks, connectors, API’s and OAuth to name a few.


Ruby on Rails, WordPress, iOS and Android mobile frameworks, 


We are small enough to be flexible and work to your style, but large enough to bring significant cost savings and a tailored Service Level Agreement to meet your needs.

Tools, Expertise and Methods

Our Toolset

We use Jira and Zoho for ticketing, automated workflows, multi-channel tickets and even AI to help us excel in our support work. for our clients.


We have have over 60 experienced developers who have a breadth of skill-sets who positioned around the world to speed SDLC and time to value.


100% Agile, Collaborative and Cross-Functional teaming, Daily Scrums with Jira or Zoho Projects technology.

“Simple Solutions connected our CRM with shipping and logistics systems and our customer’s social media accounts — it all works as one system now!”

The Bottom Line:

Development is in our DNA. We'll bring complex concepts to life in the form of custom code and systems integration.

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