Big Data & Analytics

Data is all about cleanliness, accuracy, ability to harmonize and obtaining in real-time. All of this is possible today, even for smaller businesses. Open Source products and technologies have made it possible to harness and use large amounts of data that we only dreamt about 10 years ago!

What we do ...

Enterprise BI Packages

We are familiar with all the main packages and how they work with your existing data. We use this to create a unified view of data, mapped to the business KPI’s.

One Source of Truth

Nothing can damage the credibility of your intelligence more than “Siloed Data”. This happens when there are multiple versions of the same data. We address this up-front in our design work and risk assessment.

Advanced Warning

We design our BI solutions to provide ample notice to problems, so that you’ll have true visiblity into issues before they occur.

Actionable Intelligence

We build in workflows and automated messaging that allows you to act, not react, to operational issues well before they can become critical to your business.

Tools, Expertise and Methods

Our Toolset

Analytics is all about data. And, even though we have the automated tools to "extract, transform and load" data, we use other tools to inspect and correct data quality issues.


Our Analytics team has broad experience across packages, but have deep knowledge in how to optimize your ability to report data accurately.


100% Agile, Collaborative and Cross-Functional teaming, Daily Scrums with Jira or Zoho Projects technology.

“Knowing our daily sales (by 6pm the same day!) and tracking our daily expenses down to the employee level has made it so much easier to manage a very complex business.”

The Bottom Line:

We can help you harvest your legacy data and visualize it to make impactful business decisions by leveraging open source and other low cost means!

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