Simple Principles for Success


  • Respect for your culture. We find out what works for all stakeholders, including your customers and suppliers.
  • Communication. "Listen, Listen, Listen" is our mantra - Before we design, build and test.
  • Success is defined up front: We identify the dependencies, consider potential risks, understand the ROI and schedule benefit realization.
  • Agile. Our team works with you following Agile principles of design and project execution, speeding time to market and maintaining high quality.
  • User/Customer Centered. We focus on what matters, the data design, architecture and visualization to create a powerful end solution.
  • Transparency. We don't work in a black box. Management, employees and customers all participate in the creation of the solution.
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer. We help you own the solution and make it yours, whether you choose to run it internally or have us operate it.

Methodology Overview

1. Envision

We gather business requirements, formulate technical strategy and create high level solution concepts including wire frames, data flows and story boards. We often create a Proof of Concept at the conclusion of this stage.

2. Design

After listening and confirming with all stakeholders, we flesh out the solution concept into a detailed design, platform selection, user experience, data design and interfaces. We begin to execute against the project plan with daily sprints.

3. Develop

With tightly planned iterative sprints, we build the solution. This involves extensive testing (unit, integration, performance and user acceptance), creating technical documentation and conducting user training. The Develop stage culminates with a thorough prep for system go-live.

4. Support & Evolve

At cut-over, we seamlessly transition the solution to your team – or – we can fully operate the solution with our technical team. This involves, solution monitoring, post-production fixes, enhancements and periodic system audits. We also initiate continuous improvement activities to ensure the solution adapts and evolves to your changing business environment.